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If you are looking for brand new shopping experience every week and aiming to purchase local and international brands at irresistible prices,  
The Bazaar is definitely your answer.

Best Branded
Clearance Network
Since commencing operations in 2001, the Bazaar has been the prime outlet for holding clearance events for local and international brands in Hong Kong. Conducting a balanced mix of weekly sales events on different categories, the Bazaar is catering to the diverse demands of our value-conscious shoppers.

With most of our venues located at core shopping districts and key transportation hub, the Bazaar is easily accessible to both local population and international tourists. We provide spacious and tidy environment to our shoppers while tenants benefit from our busy traffic and promotions network. Operated by Harbour City, one of the very best shopping malls in Hong Kong, you will be assured of well-organized events and unique shopping experiences from a wide range of exclusive offers.
Covers Hundreds of
Unique Brands Week
After Week
Being the leading outlet chain in Hong Kong, the Bazaar is home to hundreds of local and international brands at irresistible prices! From fashion to household items, toys to food, or even electrical appliances to children’s wear, Bazaar offers continuous excitement by organizing diversely themed events every week throughout the year. No matter what you look for or how much you wish to spend, the Bazaar is committed to fulfilling all your shopping desires and bringing you happy surprises, week after week.
Promotion Network
We provide extensive communication channels in the form of mall posters, leaflets, press coverage, EDM and the Bazaar website on most of our events to facilitate shoppers. This Bazaar website offers an online preview of key promotion items and establishes a multi-channel information network for both shoppers and tenants. We will continue to extend our scope of coverage with an aim to bring a higher level of shopping enjoyment to our visitors. The Bazaar is once again breaking the boundary of outlet shopping for you. Come and explore what is on at the Bazaar – both On Locations and On Line.
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